Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello there! some fun updates: last friday i snuck into the cemetary where marilyn monroe was buried and was really scared and took a picture there!

annnnnd of course, this weekend we "wrapped" our shoot of SILICONE VALLEY!!! a pilot about a porn agency!! i played a kiddie pornstar but it is verry kitchy and cheeky and there is nothing sexual about it at all. thats why its funny! its so cute and silly! i wouldnt have it anyother the sexual stuff for the leaked sex tape in a few years..just kidding. neverrr happening.

okay so here are some pictures from the shoot! tony was so great!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a silly little film clip of me and tonys usc student film.

checking in.

I find it so interesting how I have encountered so many people with what I thought were similar goals & dreams to mine, and how they have completely & comfortably let go of them. Am I the crazy one?? I mean, of course not, but it might appear that way. There are so many people in LA who move out here saying they want to be actors and it's such a phony thing. I too am guilty of that. I don't think I really want to be an actor. There's nothing very fun about acting like other people. Sometimes playing a character is fun, but mainly because you are making people laugh. I didn't move to LA, or grow up for that matter, to pretend to be someone else through acting. I did it to look inward & expand outward on the person I really am. I think that's why I am so drawn to stand up comedy, because you are just YOU YOU YOU. and you're trying to make people laugh, which is the most fun thing ever. it's just like playing. being funny is like playing house. but 'acting' is so serious.

it's one of my philosophies in life that we are often times trying to chase our childhoods. i think that's part of all the LA movie star thing.

im grateful because since being in LA im really starting to enjoy other people, which is something i never got to really do in college. boy i hated college. what a yucky weird thing. as medeoker as it gets. in no way do i bash education, because i love reading and learning and working hard. i just feel like i love learning so much, that i dont need an institution to tell me what to learn and when to learn it. blahblahblah, its just a rainy day and i feel yucky because of the rain AND because i ate a little more cookie dough that i should have. and im waiting for tony to come home so we can enjoy each other.

a note about how i left school

hello hello... this was originally meant for facebook but i got shy so here it is on my blog::

so to my family members and friends that are confused, here is a quick little update.

i was in school at the university of illinois. 2 hours south of chicago. my parents made me go there. sort of like boarding school.

half way through my junior year, right after a vacation to mexico with mom& dad, and a few months after i started stand up comedy, i decided, declared really, that i was leaving school to move to los angeles. so on my 21st birthday, i moved home, started a job and loving on my mom and dad for six weeks before i was moving to LA. it was actually a really fun and cool unique time. the biggest question, what did your parents say? well, it had been a long time coming. and there's always gonna be a lot more to the story than i can put here, but my dad just finally accepted that i was miserable at school and my moms support followed shortly after. (basically they hate me.) just kidding. i do think if they had their way i'd be a writer for playboy magazine & i'd live at home with them. forever. that's sort of my fantasy too.

so, one of my roommates from college who already was in LA flew in town & we drove back together in my dads car. well actually, he drove the entire way.

to be continued...